Our top 6 tips for maintaining concentration in the office or at work

One of the worst things about daily distractions is the fact that you may, or may not know you are even being distracted by them!

We have so much going on in our daily lives that is hard to balance, not only getting everything done on time but also checking the next tasks are set up and ready for your attention. That doesn’t even consider the issues that may come up unexpectedly throughout the working week.

When we have a few minutes of quiet, productive thinking time it is important to make the most of it. Try a couple of the following tips that may help you squeeze that extra bit of productivity from your day. A great way to cut out distractions is to simplify the way you work. If you write for a living, then why not try some applications and techniques that could make things a little easier.

Our top recommendations for smooth working

  1. WriteRoom (Mac) Dark Room (Windows) are software programs that block out everything on your screen except for the text you’re writing, this way you have a simple screen to look at and your brain will focus on the typing at hand.
  2. If you’re doing a specific task, you could use Concentrate to block other apps that you don’t need for that task.
  3. Focus on just one task at a time, scientists have proved we can’t multi-task effectively!
  4. Try to switch from a very difficult task to an easier one, alternating between difficult/easy wherever possible.
  5. Get help maintaining focus in the office with the Pomodoro technique is so useful. It acts as a virtual stopwatch, reminding you to concentrate on the things you should be doing. Install it on your desktop, set it for 25 minutes and – as long as you hear the timer going – you know that’s when you should be concentrating on your work. Simple but effective.
  6. Try turning your phone, emails and message alerts off for half an hour intervals; this way you can get thirty minutes of productive work done, and messages can be picked up after the thirty minutes is over

Delegate the workload

At the end of the day, there are only so many hours of work you can complete in 24 hours and at some point you will need to delegate and spread the workload. This is where we can help with filling the gaps of your online marketing experience and knowledge, working with you to identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in your business’ marketing strategy. Once a plan is formed we can help you implement your marketing across multiple channels to generate the highest impact on your target marketplace.

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