Im having a quiet month what can I do to generate some business?

Sustained investment in marketing while you are busy, can really help to make the quiet months a lot easier. Companies that try to invest in marketing in short bursts, to get themselves out of “quiet dips”, often really struggle to maintain any kind of momentum, which would help to stabilise turnover and compensate for seasonal dips and troughs.

General marketing tips

  • Keeping an eye on all your marketing “bases” throughout the financial year will help to ensure you are prepared and ready to tackle any seasonal dips in demand for your products or services
  • As you  know – marketing is all about getting in front of your potential customer’s eyeballs or ears
  • More appearances in front of the potential customer (impressions) increases the chances that they will either be won over by your marketing message and buy from you, or they may have noticed your brand enough times to have built up brand awareness or even trust in your brand which motivates them to buy.
  • Getting your business in front of customers requires a marketing across many different channels to increase your chances of getting customers, whilst always tracking to see which channels are working best.
  • It can really help to begin collecting and building a database of your past customers and enquiries, the more information is better: Name, address, email, phone, size of property, quote price, final invoice price, any other notes. etc.
  • It can help to use a tool to organise and manage all these contacts/clients, and you will find many CRM (customer relationship management) tools online, some better than others. Get in touch for more information on help setting up the best CRM system for your business as we have a lot of experience in this area, and especially as some can be linked with your website’s enquiry form for even more convenience.

Marketing channels to mobilise

  1. Word of mouth marketing – Get business cards, flyers, brochures and promotional items printed and ready for use throughout the year. Then in quiet months you could push a local flyer campaign or take some time to fit local networking events into your schedule handing out flyers and building relationships with local business owners.
  2. Email marketing – Continuously collect customer and enquiry information and store in your spreadsheet or CRM software. In quiet months you can send out special offers and discounts to your database of email addresses, these past customers should have a good conversion rate so contacting them occasionally with an email campaign can help to generate some sales.
  3. Search engine marketing: PPC – Pay per click advertising offers immediate returns on your investment as you can visitors and clicks within a few hours. But without proper setup and maintenance of your ads they can end up costing you a fortune, so get some free advice before making any decisions and I will do my best to recommend the very best investments for your business type and requirements.
  4. Social media marketing – Building up many followers throughout the year can help when business is quiet, as you have a larger group of potential customers to broadcast your message to. If business is slow It can be useful to spend some spare time reaching out to local customers or companies on twitter, facebook and even linkedin. But be careful to not waste your time as there are limits to the benefits from most strategies.
  5. Search engine marketing: SEO – It can take days, weeks or even months for the benefits of SEO work to start to show, so you cant rely on SEO as a quick fix to get out of dip in sales. Investment in SEO throughout the year will help to build up a great website and presence online so that you can continue to get hits on your website when there are seasonal dips in demand. If you have any spare time, one of the most valuable things you can do to help our SEO efforts is to produce news and information articles related to your industry for publishing on the website.

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