Are you displaying the right information on your website?

Is your website displaying all the necessary information for your customers? We have put together a list of legal requirements and some best practice pointers to help you get the most our of your website.

As from 1st January 2007 it is a legal requirement to display the following on your business website, letters, and order forms in legible lettering –

  1. Full registered business name
  2. Place of registration (England, Wales etc.)
  3. Registered business number
  4. Registered office address
  5. If it is being closed down

To get the most from your website investment we have put together some simple do’s and don’ts we recommend for a successful website.

Clear written introduction

Show you customers that they have come to the right place as soon as possible. Use clear structured sentences, be snappy and to the point. The longer potential customers are hunting for what you do, the more likely they are to give up and go elsewhere

Contact details

Don’t make speaking to  a person impossible. Add your phone number and contact details clearly on as many pages as possible. The best place is along the top on the left hand side. A purpose built contact page is also highly recommended, with an embedded map if you offer a physical location. Add an email address or contact form so that people can submit an enquiry directly to you.

Updated software

If you have any plug-ins running on your website that visitors need to download before they can see the information, you will instantly deter them from staying on your site. Unless you are willing to keep to regular updates of the software that runs your website, then avoid these at all costs or you are at risk of making your site appear old and obsolete. Keep in mind that flash is not compatible with most mobile devices and should be avoided at all costs.

Avoid long introductory videos

Visitors that have arrived at your site with a clear goal in mind will find it frustrating to sit through and will move on to your competitor before it has even finished playing. That is not to say that video content on your website is not relevant at all, we talk about that more here.

If you would like more help on designing the best possible website for your business, call today or submit your enquiry and let us know how we can help you!

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