8 Reasons Why Fitness Content Marketing Must Educate

Anyone who’s delved into the world of sport science know’s there is a simply overwhelming amount of information and misinformation out there.

For exactly this reason, a large proportion of the population may wish to hire your expertise to make sense of this murky mystery and tell them how it actually is. Whether it’s in person, online or across multiple platforms at once, your business will benefit from providing useful, educational information to your clients. It will help them get results, and ultimately grow your business. Here’s why:

More motivation, more progress

As an amateur competitive athlete I have been given a ton of different advice. Much of it conflicting. But I ignored the vast majority of it until I understood why I should follow it. It’s hard to change up habits at the best of times, and if you want to clients to start doing what will get them results, and then keep on doing it, it will certainly help to explain why you’re getting them to do it.


Why should a client choose to train with you? The fitness industry is growing faster than ever, and you need to give compelling reasons as to why someone should choose to begin a fitness journey at your doorstep. Personal training should be just that – personal, and starting off by giving useful explanations of what you do, and why it gets your clients the results they are after is going to get you off on the right foot. Showing off your knowledge and understanding by explaining why your training works is the perfect way to give evidence that you will be able to achieve actual results.

Great content gets shared

A fantastic way to spread the word and make a great first impression is to create the sort of content that gets shared. As a fitness professional you will have a huge amount of knowledge, ideas and experience that will be of value to your clients. Getting this across to them, by writing, creating infographics or videos that can be shared online will get your business in front of more eyes and boost the rankings performance of your website. It can be a full time job, if you have a fitness brand or gym, social media management can be a big burden. But it’s a great way to get your brand in front of new and existing customers.

Terminology turns people off

While it may be more convenient to throw a load of biological jargon at people to make yourself smart, you won’t be doing your trainees any favours. Whether you start off by explaining your acronyms, or simply explain things on a level that makes sense to your clients, helping improve their understanding of what you are referring too is undoubtedly going to improve communication. And better communication is going to mean better training.

Be inclusive

Improving fitness should be a goal for everyone. Regardless of current ability, past experience or activity of preference, getting that little bit better should always be encouraged. For an outsider looking in, the sports and fitness industry, especially some of it’s niches, can be a little bit intimidating. So it’s up to help open up your doors and explain why your particular branch is of value. After all, the more people appreciate what you do, the more customers you can get. We’re not saying that every type of training is right for every individual, just make sure you don’t get stuck on stereotypes. It’s getting more and more common to see girls lifting and guys doing yoga, but there’s still a lot of work to do.

Improve your clarity

The more time you spend justifying yourself to other people, the better you will get at doing it. Explaining the complex yet nuanced processes that result in fitness progress is tough. Especially when you may be working with people who are new to sports science. As with anything, you will find it gets easier to explain challenging concepts in simple terms the more you practice. Trying your brain as you would your body.

Expectation management

When a new client gets on board it’s easy to get carried away. The fresh wave of enthusiasm can drive significant progress for a while, but this may not happen for ever. If someone has little experience of the complexities of training, motivation may start to dwindle as progress fluctuates. Goals should be realistic, and clients should have realistic expectations of what they can hope to achieve based on their actions. Its your job to explain what those expectations should be. Set yourself up for long term partnerships by keeping your clients up to speed on what will work best for them, and what they can expect to get out of it.


Ultimately, you are not your client. You do not know their body like they do and all physical training inherently bears some risk. It is your responsibility to ensure that they do not take necessary risk and help them work out the best way to do this. Your guidance should help your clients improve their form, apply appropriate levels of effort and recover properly. None of these things are easy or even intuitive, even for experienced athletes. So it’s up to you to teach your clients to do them properly. You can enhance the lessons you teach in person by reinforcing and explaining in more detail through your content marketing campaign. Teaching proper form, isolating the correct muscles for an exercise, and educating on appropriate levels of effort and recovery will reinforce the coaching you do in person.

Get personal training for your marketing

You’re probably educating your clients already. But finding the time to put that knowledge down into a widely usable and sharable format takes a bit more time and effort. Here at Alloy we take our training seriously. So we know what you’re talking about when it comes to training, from HIIT and 1 Rep Maxes to glycogen and glycolysis. We’re here to help you tell your side of the story, to collaborate with you to create and publish great content that will generate new customers, and help you get the best for the ones you already have. Get in touch to find out how we can recruit our full range of fitness marketing services to kickstart your content marketing campaign.

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