Do I Need a Responsive Website?

What is a responsive website? A Responsive website is one that changes layout for different shapes and sizes of screens.

It’s a website that looks good and is easy to use on desktop computers, tablets and smart phones of all sizes. It does this by responding to the size of the screen on which it’s being viewed, adjusting the width of text to fit the screen and adjusting the layout for usability.

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Do I need a responsive website? Yes.

For both personal, and professional reason’s, a responsive website is a very worthy investment. It can help increase your rankings performance, boost traffic and increase conversions. As well as making life a lot easier for a significant proportion of your website’s users.

Mobiles are used more than desktops

In 2016, mobile internet usage overtook desktops. That means, on average, people use the internet more on mobile phones. If your website doesn’t cater to mobile users, then chances are, you’ll be making life very difficult for half the visitors to your website. The consequences are even more severe when it comes to attracting new visitors to your site as well.

“Mobile devices are used more than traditional computers for web browsing”

Google indexes mobile first

This means that Google looks at, and judges, the mobile version of your website first. Most Google searches happen on mobile devices now so it makes sense to asses what the majority of searchers will see. If your website doesn’t offer the same information and level of user experience on a mobile as it does on a desktop computer, then this is going to be bad for your SEO and rankings results. As usual, Google are also looking for what people are looking for: easy to use, useful information.

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