Why is SEO critical for manufacturing companies?

There are many hundreds of thousands of companies on the internet manufacturing all kinds of products, all vying for prominence in search results within every niche imaginable.

From hyper-niche goods aimed at the most specific customers through to mass markets goods and business-to-business products; everyone wants to rank well and maintain visibility to potential customers. This is because so many people start the search for a purchase by using search engines. With fierce competition for the highly coveted top spots in organic search results, manufacturers need to ensure they’re doing everything they can to be seen online. SEO is absolutely fundamental to this. Let’s take a look at what exactly it is and why it’s so important for manufacturers.

SEO for manufacturers: what is it?

SEO is a term that gets bandied around a lot, but different people will offer different explanations for exactly how it is performed. In brief, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) comprises many things; original content published by your business on your website and elsewhere, your website’s structure, under-the-hood tweaks and more, all carried out with the aim of appealing to Google’s algorithms which govern a website’s prominence in organic search results. Find out more about our SEO agency here.

In layman’s terms, the aim is to push a site higher in the search results with a combination of two halves of the equation; on-page optimisation (content, technical, structure etc.) and off-page (links, mentions, citations, social shares, press mentions). On the whole, people browsing the web are lazy, with the top few positions getting loads of clicks, but most people not even clicking through to businesses on page two.

Moving up a few places on page one can easily double or triple traffic from that search  phrase. Appearing a few places higher can have huge impacts to a business in a niche manufacturing industry with few competitors and a spending budget from a very small customer base. For this reason SEO is particularly important for manufacturers; their products offer unbeatable opportunities for unique and valuable content which Google recognises as useful to people searching within their niche.

SEO is an opportunity for manufacturers

When it comes to SEO, the devil is in the details. For both B2B and B2C marketing campaigns, SEO will be a key way to attract new business, Each product a manufacturer produces, conforms to a particular specification, is created in a certain way and is targeted at a specific type of customer. For companies that offer more bespoke products and services, there will be specific types of problem that they are able to solve. At each stage of the process there are many opportunities to generate content that can raise the digital profile of the business. Even if most of your sales are attracted through industry connections or word of mouth, SEO can still be important.

We’ve worked with clients who don’t show up on the first page when you Google the name of their business, or for phrases very similar to the business name. In this sort of situation, SEO is still essential to provide new leads with the information they are after.

Get more manufacturing leads from Google

Ultimately, Google is trying to find good content and answers for their user’s searches. So by putting in place the work that will give Google what it wants, you are also putting in place the sorts of things that human users will want. For example, adding new, high quality written content to your website will be of benefit to both.

Get more leads from local customers on Google maps

SEO for manufacturers is not only about information though, it’s also vital to make sure that the key details of the business are accurate wherever they appear on the internet. Phone numbers, contact emails and business address information must tally with Google’s registered address for the business, across hundreds or even thousands of manually created citations on business directories and the like, or auto generated citations pulled from Google maps listings. Social media sites also need to link seamlessly to the main site and business directories need to be checked for accuracy.

Only once all these loose ends are tied up can Google properly interpret how established the business is and how useful it may be to people searching within that niche. If these details are not maintained properly Google will have a tough time understanding how the business could be better than the competition. Generating links to your website from high authority website that are relevant to your sector will be the next stage. And again, by ensuring that the information about your business is accurate and widely spread across the internet, you are making life easier for potential customers.

Your competitors are increasingly investing in SEO

Manufacturers who are new to SEO marketing strategies should try searching for their business themselves. By thinking of the kind of language their potential customers may use to search, it is possible to get some basic insights into how visible the business is. Top tip; do this in an incognito or private browser window, since your internet history will affect the results you see. Remember, those who appear in the top positions are probably doing plenty of SEO to maintain that spot. Can you business afford not to compete?

Complete marketing bundles for manufacturing companies

Our experience providing SEO services for a number of manufacturing clients has given us a wide ranging knowledge of the tactics and practises needed to build long term visibility for manufacturing companies online. Whatever your budget and goals, we’ll prioritise your spend into the areas that will achieve the greatest return on investment, whilst honing and adjusting our approach as the business’ visibility grows and the competition increases. If you’re interested in other marketing services for your manufacturing company we offer a whole range, including branding, website design, e-Commerce solutions and enterprise grade hosting and maintenance solutions. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team for more info.

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