4 Ways You Can Coach Your Fitness Brand to Marketing Success

If you work in the fitness industry, chances are you have caught the bug. No matter what your sports, exercise or training regimen of choice is, there is a rather high likelihood that you’ve chosen to work in the industry because you get a real kick out of exercise.

There’s nothing quite like getting a good workout, but that can be a tricky point to convey to those who are new to training. Whether you are aiming your products or services at those completely new to exercise, or you’re targeting exclusively elite athletes, then you should have a careful think about how well your marketing coaches your customers. By offering useful advice to them, you are positioning yourself as someone who knows what they are talking about, you are showing you can relate their problems and that you can offer a solution. All of which put in place strong reasons for your customers to continue purchasing what you offer.

Content marketing is all about offering value

The key difference between advertising and marketing is that advertising is just trying to sell stuff, where as content marketing is provides something that is of interest and value to ‘pull’ in potential customers. By helping coach your customers, even to the limited degree that this is possible via conventional marketing channels, you are offering something useful. This is how you can get found by potential customers who don’t know your brand, but are looking for ways to get better at whatever your product helps with. This is just as true for gym, who can offer advice on training, to the hippest athleisure yoga lifestyle fashion brands, who can offer advice on yoga, or even the latest sports fashion trends. What better value can you offer your customers than some kind of coaching in what they are training for? When we want to get more business for our clients, we make sure that it is great content that forms the foundations of our fitness and gym SEO services.

Facts and figures don’t always inspire

Regardless of the studies you’ve had carried out on the benefits of your offerings, throwing statistics at customers isn’t the be-all and end-all of advertising. Yes, it’s essential to have empirical evidence to back up your claims and show that there is an objective value in what you’re offering but as the best coaches know, its not just having the data; it’s how you use it. Every individual is going to be unique; their environment, response to training and goals, coaching goes beyond stating wide ranging studies and highlights the advice that is actually going to be useful in the real world. So, make sure your marketing does more than just quote statistics. Help your customers understand the empirical research and explain how likely it is to be relevant to their situation. Many customers are going to be sceptical of claims of drastic performance increases so make sure you explain the caveats and limitations of those benefits up front. If you raise expectations unrealistically you’ll be in for a hard time getting repeat business.

People like progress

Speaking from personal experience, it’s seeing improvements in athletic performance that can give the motivation to train even harder. Helping someone make more progress than they thought possible is a genuinely satisfying thing to achieve. And as a fitness business, would it be safe to assume that you’d like to help your customers do better? At the very least, you can associate your brand with the incredibly strong emotional response to making progress. By offering some useful kind of coaching you will be tiring your brand to the notion of making progress, which is sure to keep customers coming back for more with a smile on their face.

Experience counts

If you’ve had any experience working in the health and fitness industry, you are likely to have spent many hours a day dealing with the practical challenges of attaining an athletic level of performance for yourself, or others. Even amateur athletes who have been training for years may not be aware of some of the insights, training or ideas that you have had. The sheer number of possible variables that impact on training mean that there’s quite likely to be a unique set of conditions on which you can offer original advice. You don’t have to be making the marginal gains that win international level competitions. Providing practical coaching for athletes of all abilities and offering a slightly different perspective can make all the difference to people who haven’t had the same exposure to sport.

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