6 tips to increase the number of Twitter followers of your small business

Gaining new followers is vital to your company’s success, with more people purchasing from brands they interact with on Twitter your business could benefit.

1) A new follower is a new lead

When you gain a new twitter follower, you are gaining the opportunity to show a potential customer what you do. And because they have followed you, this is already a warm lead. We have put together the tips below to show you some of the best ways to increase your twitter follower count!

2) Make a great bio for your twitter profile

Before people decide to follow you they will read this profile. Make it clear, professional and friendly. Make sure your twitter profile image is in line with your brand and it’s message. Use keywords in your bio that covers what your business does. Spend some time re-writing and condensing your bio down to fit within the character limits.

3) Spend a month or two making Twitter your top priority

Immerse yourself in this modern medium and you will become much more comfortable with the hashtag system, direct messaging and tweeting to people. Twitter users who have written under 1000 tweets typically have fewer than 100 followers, whereas users who have sent out 10,000 tweets, usually have between 1000-5000 followers according to Beevolves ‘An Exhaustive Study of Twitter Users Around the World.’ This burst of activity is great to build up a following quickly and gives you a chance to fully appreciate the value that Twitter offers to small business lead generation.

4) Use contacts you already have

You are more likely to get follows from people you already have a relationship with. These could be business contacts you are in touch with via email, people you have previously worked with or friends and family. Email them your Twitter information or follow them and send a message to ask for a follow back, cross promote on other platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, Google+. Add your Twitter handle to your next order of printed business cards or printed flyers, add to the bottom of your email signature and add it to your website.

5) Location is key

Most regions have a “local hour”. These are set up to promote local businesses and are a great way to do some online networking. Simply join in with the usually weekly event, by using the hashtag appropriate for your group and talk to other twitter users in your local area using hashtags and real time networking.

6) Give a little back

Interact with people on Twitter, make an effort to mention other people in your tweets or send a direct tweet to them. Following suppliers or other local business is a great place to start. Twitter also has a ‘who to follow’ list which is made based on your activity, so the more you do, the more it will give you. Spend some time each week scheduling and re-posting other user’s tweets that may be of value to your audience, followers will begin to see you as a useful source of information if your re-posts are always on message and of value to your followers.


Still not sure how to get control and make the most of social media for your business?

Our social media marketing plans take the hassle out of managing your social media presence, we post messages for you everyday, ensure your profiles are fully updated and optimised and we can even reply to messages on your social media accounts for you, to save you time and money. If you would like more information on how we can manage your social media accounts, contact us today.

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