How can I keep my website updated regularly with new content?

Keeping your business website regularly updated is vital if you want Google to value it as a useful resource and reward you with high rankings in the organic search results. It’s the best way to get more business leads from search engines.

It might be easier for certain businesses working in certain industries to keep adding fresh content to their site, but whatever service or product you offer, here are some useful tips that should help to generate some ideas.


If you can, add photographs and descriptions of previous products, projects or jobs you have worked on to your website gallery or projects page. They not only illustrate the quality of your work to prospective customers, but will also provide a great opportunity to regularly update your site with new content for customers to see and for the search engines to index.

Embedded videos

Create short videos of your work, or use short adverts for your business that are uploaded to Youtube, which you can then embed on your site. If you’re selling a service, such as plumbing, electrical work or cleaning, a short clip or series of clips recorded on a mobile phone can be used in your video to demonstrate the service provided in more detail, but you should always aim for the highest quality production, with intro and outro sections showing your logo. Video editing software might not be something you are familiar with, but our audio visual team at Alloy can help you put together an introductory video for your business at an affordable price. Content like this will sell your product or service to visitors, particularly for customers who don’t have the attention span to read large chunks of text.

News updates

If you run a business, you probably keep abreast with industry trends or news. Writing blogs about this will allow you to add up-to-date content (which Google favours) and help to demonstrate to your customers that you know what you’re talking about. If your site is a valuable resource that people use to find out about developments in your particular line of work, it can only improve the chances of customers paying for your product or service.

Staff directory

Particularly if you are a small business, having some photos of staff can be a great way of adding some personality to your website and differentiating yourself from larger businesses. Get a biography for each team member to get maximum impact from new content on your website. 


If customers are giving you good feedback, simply ask them if you can put it on your website. People immediately look for ratings or reviews these days when they’re deciding whether or not to spend their money on something. It is always important to try to assess your website from the customer’s perspective, and favourable reviews will encourage them to try your service or product.

Blog content

Just like news, this can include industry trends but should be written from the perspective of pre-sales. People reading this content should know how it relates to what you are delivering so they are more likely to pay for your product or service. Special offers, discounts and deals can all be published to keep your blog up to date. If you’re running a local business, try covering some upcoming local events, you’d be surprised at the volume of search engine visits from local traffic you could get onto your website.

And much more

There are many more opportunities to keep your website fresh and regularly updated,

Anyone can update their website regularly with content, but at Alloy Marketing we can help you develop an effective strategy that will get the most benefit for your business. Copywriting is one of our many services that be particularly effective for content creation. Creating content with SEO in mind is a valuable skill that will help your business stand out in the market place.

Here at Alloy Marketing we have years of experience when it comes to creating and executing marketing strategies for various different types of business. If you really want to get a competitive advantage over your competition, find out more about our content marketing and inbound marketing services today, or call us to discuss your next project.

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