What can a blog do to help generate sales for your business?

With businesses on the internet fighting for the top spaces in search engines, how can you set your business website apart from the rest? Well, the answer is to create and maintain a blog.

If you hadn’t already heard, Google has changed their ranking algorithms, in favour of longer, more content-rich pages. These can be in the form of blog posts, articles, reviews and reports. But there are more than just a few benefits to regular business blogging, follow our tips and advice below about how your blog can help your business excel.

Show your potential customers you know what you are talking about

Blogs act as a bridge for your business, from the services offered, to a friendly face and in-depth knowledge or expertise. What you write on your business blog will likely be read by your potential customers, if they have searched for you directly these are already warm leads, an extra 5-10 minutes reading a quality article from an informed staff member could eliminate the need for further contact pre-purchase. Your blog is one of the best tools at your disposal in reducing friction-to-buy for your potential customers.

What makes you different?

Chances are you are not the only one in your local area offering the same services or products – but what will make potential customers chose you over your competitor? A regularly updated blog offers more than just a hard sell advertising page for what you do. If a visitor came across your website blog unexpectedly through a search engine or social media, but wasn’t at that time looking to purchase, an informative blog article gives them a reason to stay on your website longer instead of bouncing straight off. Helping them learn about what you do and the latest in your industry improves the chances of them remembering you when they do need your services.

Increase your chances of being found

Blog articles also help your website’s organic SEO, with Google putting a higher emphasis on what resources your website offers customers. Without them you could be missing out on those top spots on the Google search results. Offering tips, advice and further knowledge will mean more of your website is more frequently and favourably indexed on Google.

Make the most of seasonal keywords

Your posts do not have to be evergreen like your service or product pages – in many cases, seasonal content is also of value. Christmas offers, tips for Summer holidays or even special back to school offers, all have a period throughout the year where the use (and demand) for these keywords increases. Having a couple of seasonal posts will improve your chances of being seen. For this sort of thing we advise you use categories – your content management system should have the facility to assign each blog to a category, and add new categories if required. Try to stick to 5 relevant categories and as much as possible only one category per article, so Google can see the relevance of that article compared to search terms entered.

So, now you know a few of the benefits of using a blog on your website, follow:

Our simple do’s and don’ts for how to use your blog!

  1. Keep titles relevant and clear – do not “stuff” in keywords that are not relevant to the post
  2. Add images or media galleries, offering variations of content will tick more boxes for Google’s algorithms
  3. Do not write a one sentence blog. Short one line posts are almost pointless – aim for at least 200 words per post and if you can’t write 200 words about a service your business offers you need to have a serious think! (or get some help from a business marketing specialist like us!).
  4. Do use the scheduling feature. As a small business owner it is rare you will ever have a few hours on a regular basis to keep logging in to update your blog. Set a day aside, a couple of times per month, and write a couple of articles at a time. With the schedule function you can line them up to go out over a couple of weeks, keeping your website fresh and customers informed.
  5. Post links to your new articles on your social media pages across Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ at the very least. If you can, utilise an auto-posting function where your blog will talk to your social media accounts and create a summary to post on to your social media automatically (we can help you with this as well – social media marketing services). This automation and content publishing with links from social media back to your website will steadily increase your click through rates (CTR) and results in more leads.


If you struggle to keep up with regular publishing or updating of your business website, contact us about our website content marketing services for your business –

  • We have a team of quality copywriters right here in the UK, writing in-depth, professional quality articles for many types of business, all over the country.
  • We then have social media and SEO experts standing by, ready to publish, promote and syndicate your new content across the web.
  • Enquire today to find out more about how we can help you generate more leads from business blogging and content marketing – 0845 6422005 or send us a message here

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