Effective logo design tips

Logos are used to easily identify a business, with a memorable logo acting as a carrier of reputation and perceived professionalism.

A business logo is often one of the first impressions we get of a brand; customers can be immediately put off when faced with an unprofessional logo design. This highlights one of the key customer concerns in both web commerce and service/trade supply – Is this website a scam? Is this company legitimate?

It can be useful to think of a logo as a flag, signature or street sign not trying to sell or describe, but memorable, distinctive and appropriate to the market.

Logo design recommendations

  • Simple is often better – Use 2/3 contrasting colours
  • Logos don’t always have to convey what a company does
  • Size and scalability are vital – Are all elements of the logo visible when scaled down? Will it look great on a mobile?
  • Graphic and Text – Success in isolation – Do the logo image & text work independently from each other?
  • Taglines are an extra – Keep marketing ‘blurb’ light
  • Colour can be a secondary factor – you may wish to print in monochrome
  • Avoid changing your logo too often or drastically

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Examples of big brand logo redesigns

Effective logo design tips & resources

Vital tips for effective logo design from Smashing Magazine

Great simple logo design examples for inspiration – Webdesignledger.com

Best business card designs – creativebloq.com

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