How do I get more reviews on Google?

Getting reviews on your Google maps listing is rapidly becoming essential for any business that servers customers in a local area. Not only will reviews prove your value to new customers, (88% of searches read reviews before making a purchase) it may also get your listing higher up in search results. As you can see below, a local search may display maps listings (and reviews) while website links can’t even be seen above the fold.

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You can’t force your customers to leave a good review but you can make life a lot easier for them by sending them a link. By clicking on the link you are taken straight to the relevant Google maps listing and a pop up to leave a review awaits. The first stage of getting more reviews on google then, is to get your link and start making it easier for your customers. Here’s how to create yours:

How to create a link to review your business maps listing

1) Find your place ID

You will need your “Place ID”, the long code Google gives your listing, you can find it by searching for your business listing here:

Screen Shot 2017 07 17 at 12.05.41 pm - How do I get more reviews on Google? local-seo

Ours looks like this: ChIJH3WBNMPpe0gRlslK6Q69EI4

Screen Shot 2017 07 17 at 12.08.47 pm - How do I get more reviews on Google? local-seo
2) Create review link

Add your place ID to the link below after the equals sign.

Ours looks like this;

3) Send it out

There are loads of ways you can get more reviews using this link here are a few ideas:

  • Email. Either a personal or automated email sent out after a purchase has been made, asking for immediate feedback from your customers. This would work well for services or higher value sales where you are more likely to have the customer’s email address. If you aren’t already doing email marketing, why not?
  • Social media. You should already be asking for reviews on Facebook and all the other key platforms for your business, be it TripAdvisor or CheckATrade. But posting a link that people can quickly click makes life easy enough that they might just leave another one.
  • Print. From business cards to menus and flyers, it may be worth leaving a note. Obviously you wouldn’t want to make someone type in such a long code, so use a URL shortener such as
  • Offer a discount. Regardless of the way you send the link, offer an incentive to get that review. It’s a real investment in your business. It doesn’t have to be much but a token gesture in exchange for a review can really boost the motivation to leave one.

4) Look at the bigger picture

Getting reviews for your business online is still only a small part of the work you need to do get found online. For example, the way in which your various profiles are set up can influence how search engines associate these reviews with your business – there’s no point getting a ton of awesome reviews on Trip Advisor if Google doesn’t think they are reviews for your business. That’s why we offer a comprehensive local seo service in Manchester, to help small businesses get the maximum impact from their hard work in every area.

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