What will better local SEO mean for your cleaning company

Discover how your cleaning company can benefit from a better local SEO strategy from a team with a decade of experience in the industry.
November 29, 2022

If your cleaning company doesn’t have much of an online presence, you should know that 90% of customers look online first these days.

You might continue to get repeat business and the occasional lead from word of mouth, but companies with high ranking websites get the most customers, and, perhaps more importantly–the right customers.

This isn’t the only piece of the puzzle when it comes to building a successful marketing strategy. SEO will get people to your site, but your site still needs to be able to reliably convert them into paying customers – find out more about conversion rate optimisation here. If you’re operating nationally, you might like to take a look our national SEO for cleaning companies. With that being said, let’s take a look at the benefits of a local SEO strategy done right.

Benefits of better local SEO for cleaning companies

Broadly speaking, we can summarise the benefits of a proper local SEO campaign as follows:

  • More local searchers finding your business’ map listing on Google
  • Consistent appearance in the top Google / Bing organic results listings for searches relating to your services
  • Interested parties easily find the business’ contact details
  • Higher levels of traffic to your website

To be clear – these benefits don’t include increased revenue or more leads. That’s exactly what we want, of course, but it is still down to the business owner to make the most of the increased attention gained by a local SEO campaign. If the business’ website is frustrating to use or performs badly on mobile, visitors are likely to move on as quickly as they arrive and you won’t feel the benefit of the strategy.

When will I see the results of SEO?

SEO is a long-term marketing investment–Google needs time to scan a website to ensure it is of genuine interest to its users. If your campaign is executed correctly, you should see meaningful improvements in rankings performance within 2-3 months. Any SEO company who says they can get results quicker than this should be given a wide berth because gaming of the system will eventually be penalised by Google, the resulting rankings drop can be difficult to recover from.

Why is there a delay in SEO results?

Google wants to be certain that the search results it displays to users of its service are genuinely useful. Just imagine if Google were to constantly return irrelevant or suspect results, people would abandon the service.

With billions of websites to keep track of, it’s not hard to understand how it might take them a little while to assess them all – even with Google’s resources. SEO isn’t just about changes on your site either, building links from other pages back to your site means Google must also rescan those sites too.

A proper SEO company should also take some time to properly set up a campaign. This includes researching what your customers searching habits are and using data to make decisions about how the campaign is structured to create the best return on investment. Gathering this data and putting a proper plan in place can take a few weeks, but it’s time well spent. Better local SEO won’t mean quicker results, but it will mean your results last longer.

Build momentum in SEO

Once your campaign has been up and running for a while, your business should start to see rankings improvements and increased traffic. It helps to keep the campaign rolling as competition for those top ranking positions which get the most traffic can be fierce. It helps to work with an experienced SEO provider who can monitor the competition and adapt your strategy to stay on top.

Building better SEO strategies for cleaning companies

Alloy Marketing have a decade of experience providing tried and tested SEO strategies for cleaning companies throughout the U.K. Find out about our local SEO services here.

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